Online Zero Waste Shops

Online Zero Waste Shops

1. In Greens / Bristol

Bristol’s first online plastic free shop, committed to providing everyday products that are plastic free. Over 200 products available from bamboo toothbrushes, metal tiffins to plastic-free plasters. Students get 15% off at checkout.

2. Plastic Freedom / Southport

Stocking a wide range of zero waste/sustainable products, watch their IGTV channel for demos & tips. Send jars and packaging back to them and receive 10% off your next order!

3. The Kind Store / Essex

The Kind Store is a 100% vegan, natural and eco-friendly online shop. We support Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary, with 10% of our profits going towards the food and care of rescued animals locally in Essex.

4. Acala / London

Acala is an online store offering an extensive range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products from leading brands. All responsibly packaged; refills, plastic free and zero waste packaging.

5. Minimales – towards a zero waste life / London

Started by two French ladies living in London, Minimales is a zero waste shop selling zero waste essentials, natural and sustainable products.

6. Anything but Plastic / Glasgow

Anything But Plastic promotes and sells alternative products to plastic to try and reduce waste plastic consumption and help tackle plastic pollution. They developed a ratings system for the different materials used here instead of plastic. Each product will be given a rating based on the materials it is made of. This is so that consumers can make a fully informed choice about their purchases. This system will help guide buyers as to the origins of their purchases and the impact their buying choices make on the planet.

7. The Zero Waste Maker / Nottingham

Handmade goods from recycled materials to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

8. Green Tulip / Wiltshire

We offer ethically sourced contemporary products that respect the environment, our suppliers and you.

9. &Keep 

Provides a range of mindfully selected, eco friendly, reusable & sustainable products.

10. Rowen Stillwater / Lincoln

Sustainable vegan homewares for a zero waste life.

11. Save the Green / Glasgow

Sustainable, eco-friendly homeware e-commerce site.

13. Peace with the WildLincolnshire

Peace With The Wild is all about lessening our impact on the environment. They stock eco-friendly, natural products which are sustainable and plastic free!

Reco are on a mission to champion the switch from a Single-Use mindset to Multi-Use one. Their online store is stocked full of multi-use and sustainable alternatives to single-use products.

Subscription Boxes

13. Unwrpd

Going plastic-free is hard, so we wanted to make it easier.

Sustainable alternatives can be difficult to source, even harder to replenish and are not always as green as they claim. Even brands that claim to be eco-friendly at first glance can sometimes not stand up to scrutiny.

Our service is totally personalised; we won’t send you products you neither want nor need.

Subscriptions can be updated, paused or cancelled at any time, in 2 clicks. We choose products and companies with eco-credentials we can stand behind. Additionally, all our packaging is 100% plastic-free; recycled, recyclable and up-cycled where possible.

14. Authentic House / Cardiff

Authentic House is a new social enterprise aiming to make sustainable living easy. Each month, we’ll post you a box of incredibly useful, eco-friendly products to help you:

Save money:We buy together, as a community of subscribers, so the contents of your box will always be more valuable than its monthly cost.

Save time: It’s effortless. Each box nudges you to make a positive change or two for the month and gives you the kit you need to get started.

Reduce your waste:We love to send you reusable products so, over time, you’ll see the amount of rubbish you throw out lessening. Our box packaging is recycled, often reused, recyclable and biodegradable. You can even send our boxes and packaging back to us to reuse, and we’ll thank you with an extra treat the next month!

Feel uplifted: You’re doing something good, using less, reducing waste and buying ethically to help our world. Keep up with us and our wider community for extra support through each month, and give yourself a pat on the back.