Zero Waste Market are a refill shop based in Glasgow at 17 Hillfoot Street in Dennistoun. We encourage our customers to bring their own containers and fill up on what we have to offer. We also stock many zero waste household goods to help you avoid single use plastic day to day. Our aim is to revolutionise the convenience shop and aim to stock everything you need for your weekly shop, with pasta, rice, tea, coffee, cleaning products, bread, milk, eggs, oils, fresh fruit and veg, snacks and milk in returnable glass bottles and loads more

We work hard to find local retailers who are willing to do things differently, including locally baked bread, locally roasted coffee beans and local organic milk. Working with other small businesses nearby allows us to eliminate even more waste from the supply chain.

As well as the refill shop we run a market stall around Glasgow as well as an online shop, delivering zero waste household items around the UK.

Dry Goods List:

Porridge Oats, Popcorn, Ground Coriander, Butter Beans, Dried Basil, Cumin Seed, ChickpeasBay Leaves, Garam Masala, Kidney Beans, Mixed Herbs, Curry Powder, Red Lentils, OreganoGround Ginger, Cannellini Beans, Mint, Maldon, Sea Salt Flakes, Speckled Lentils, Parsley, Ground Turmeric, Yellow Split Peas, Organic Rosemary, Yellow Mustard Seed, White Penne PastaSage, Ground Paprika, Arborio Rice, Thyme, Chinese 5 Spice, Wholewheat Cous Cous, Dried Dill, Brown Basmati Rice, Black Peppercorn, White Basmati Rice, Chilli Powder, Organic Bulgar Wheat, Ground Cinnamon.

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