Bristol’s independent health foods & natural remedies shop.

Wild Oats operates within a set of ethical and social guidelines:

Promoting healthy lifestyles

We provide healthy, natural and highly nutritious foods, organic wherever possible, vitamins, minerals and supplements, natural skin and beauty care products, and environmentally-friendly household goods. (We produce dietary advice and other information sheets to help customers make healthy choices – downloadable from our website.) We carefully choose products that have undergone minimal processing and are good for the health of the planet as well as our own well-being. We aim to provide an alternative to the steady trend towards highly processed foods in the West.

Supporting local producers & suppliers

We aim to support local producers and suppliers wherever possible, believing that local is best for our own individual health as well as the health of a sustainable community. We also accept and promote the use of the local Bristol Pound as part of our commitment to growing community.

Committed to fair and sustainable trade

We are concerned that much of world trade is to the disadvantage of poorer nations, and has a direct impact on people’s lifestyle and health. We aim to trade in a manner that supports a sustainable world environment and economy. We trade preferentially in products that follow the “fairtrade” ethos.

We consider local small business to come under this category. Over the years we have helped small producers start up new business by providing recipes and information on compliance with local legislation and licensing, for example. Back in the eighties we helped fund and launch what eventually became Cauldron Foods and later we helped Source Foods get off the ground.

Since 2014, we have been GOLD award winners in the Fairtrade Business Awards.

Providing environmentally friendly packaging and refills

We are concerned about the large-scale disposal of inorganic waste, and we offer products which in themselves and in their packaging produce minimum impact on the environment. We support suppliers that encourage recycling of their packaging; for example, if you bring back a Viridian supplement container you will receive 25p. We also have a whole section of the store dedicated to refills (laundry liquid, washing up liquid, shampoos, soaps and more), saving on packaging and providing substantial savings to our valued customers.

We provide biodegradable plastic bags for 10p, encouraging the re-use of plastic or cloth bags, and we supply cardboard boxes to carry purchases away free of charge.

Ensuring secure employment and equal opportunities

We aim to provide secure employment for all our employees. We believe that all should have an equal opportunity to undertake paid work. We consider all applications for jobs equally without prejudice to race or nationality.

We pay the Living Wage as a minimum.

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  13. Toiletries & Household Items

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