Venn Street Market is a local community food market every Saturday working directly with farmers and small independent producers enabling our customers to meet face to face with the growers and makers of the foods available each week. With a strong ethos of ensuring high quality and fair prices, the market guarantees all goods are locally sourced and seasonal.


Ted’s Veg
Our produce is harvested fresh each day from our Lincolnshire farm and we chose our vegetable varieties for taste rather than yield. When in season, leaf crops such as lettuce, salad leaves, spinach, chards, kale and the herbs are picked first thing in the morning. This is followed by tomatoes, peppers and aubergines and then peas and beans. Later in the day the root, squash and other crops will be harvested.

Perry Court Farm
Kent’s first organic and biodynamic produce farm established in 1953, offering fresh seasonal salads, herbs, vegetables, eggs and fresh apple juices from the farm. The Farm grows traditional varieties that have a better flavour, and have recently diversified in selling wild and heritage crops. Nearly all the fresh produce sent to the market is harvested just 24 hours before.

Portland Scallop Co
Portland Scallop Co are a small independent fishmongers from Chesil Beach in Dorset where they started out a few years back hand-diving for scallops. They offer the best British seasonal fresh fish from the Dorset shores. All fish is caught with net or line fishing and you can expect to catch a few Portland lobsters and crabs! The menu includes: lobster, crab, scallops, rope grown mussels, bass, bream, turbot, lemon & dover sole, makerel pate and crab soup.. and that’s just for starters..

Olivier’s Bakery
Olivier has been the market’s baker since it opened in 2009 and has 24 years experience as a baker and pastry chef. Based in South East London, Olivier brings to Venn Street fresh handmade French breads, croissants, cakes and pastries including his special selection of 100% spelt bread.

Borough Cheese Co
The Borough Cheese Company sell two French mountain cheeses, Tome and Comte. In order to get the best Tome and Comte cheese, the Borough Cheese Co travel to the Franche-Comte in Eastern France every five to six weeks, where they visit Fort St. Antoine, home of Marcel Petite, affineurs of Comte cheese. See Borough Cheese Co select your cheese.

Pate Moi
Famous pâté, hand made with organic mushrooms from Suffolk and plenty of love. Adored by vegetarians and carnivores!

Une Normande a Londres
Une Normande a Londres, run by brothers Franck and Yann Le Blais, bring to many London street markets including Borough Market, the very best artisan cheeses, cured meats and preserves from across France. The heart of their success is their insistence in trading on street markets which allows them to remain close to their customers. The brothers have a deep knowledge of the French foodie scene inherited from their Camembert producing family and their focus has remained since 1990, when they first arrived in the UK, on natural, ‘clean’ products, manufactured using traditional methods.

Bad Brownie
Bad Brownie are flavour crazy chocolate addicts hell bent on spreading gourmet brownie love, street by street! They put their gourmet brownies through bootcamp. Their brownies are fudgier, tastier, richer and with attitude.

Chango Empanadas – Argentinian Empanadas
Comptoir Gourmand – French patisserie
Dees Pies – award winning handmade meat pies
Elephant Juice Bar – fresh squeezed fruit and veg juices and smoothies
Flavours of Portugal – sweet and savoury Portuguese treats
Hush Hush – vegetarian quiches and salads
Hook & Son – producer of RAW organic milks, butter, yogurts, ghee, cream and FR eggs
Limpopo Butchers – South African Biltong and Drywors
Marsh Produce – cold meats: Beef, Rare Breed Lamb & Pork, Chicken, Dexter Beef and homemade Sausages
Popina – sweet and savoury award winning baked goods
Sesame City – Jewish Tahini and Halva delights
Spanish Gastro Larder – Spanish Gazpacho, Olive Oils, Chocolates, roasted Almonds & Nuts
Zeytoon Bar – fresh mediterranean olive and salad bar

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