Unpackaged organic whole foods, herbal teas & spices sold by weight. At Crystal Palace Food Market every Saturday. We love people who bring their own containers. You can pay by card.

Product List:
Aduki Beans Organic Currants Organic Mung Beans Organic Rice Flour Organic
All Purpose Cleaner Curry Powder Mustard Powder (Yellow) Rooibos
Allspice Berries Dates Deglat Nour Organic Mustard Seed Brown Rose Petals
Amaranth Dessicated Coconut Organic Mustard Seed Yellow Rosehip Shells
Apricots Organic Dondelion Leaf Nam Lanh Tea Rosemary
Arborio Rice Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Nettle Leaf Rye Flour Organic
Ascophyllum Granules Organic Dulse Organic Nutmeg (Ground) Sage Leaf
Ashwaganda Echinace Purpurea Root Oats Rolled Organic Salt Pink Himalayan
Banana Chips With Coconut Oil And Cane Sugar Elderberries Olive Leaf Salt Pink Himalayan (Coarse)
Barley Flakes Organic Eyebright Olive Oil Extra Organic Cold Pressed Sea Greens Organic
Basil Leaf Fabric Conditioner Omega Seeds Sea Salad Organic
Basmati Brown Rice Organic Fava (Broad) Beans Organic Oolang Tea Sea Salt
Basmati Organic Rice Fennel Seed Oregano Sea Spaghetti Seaweed
Bicarbonate Soda Fenugreek Seeds Organic Astrogalus Powder Seaweed Salt Organic
Black Cumin (Nigella) Seeds Figs Organic Organic Baobab Fruit Powder Sencha Green
Black Quinoa Organic Fregola (Giant Cous Cous) Organic Organic Bee Pollen Short Grain Brown Rice Organic
Black Rice Organic Ginger Crystallised Organic Organic Cacao Nibs Soap Nuts
Black Sesame Seeds Ginger Ground Organic Carob Bean Powder Sour Cherries Organic
Black Turtle Beans Organic Goji Berries Organic Organic Chia Seed Spelt Flour Whole Grains Organic
Brown Rice Flakes Organic Green Jasmine Tea Organic Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Spelt Flour Whole Grains Organic
Brown Rice Long Grain Organic Ground Cinnamon Organic Maca Powder Spelt Organic
Buckwheat Flour Organic Harass Masala Organic Matcha Powder Spelt White Flour Organic
Buckwheat Groats Organic Haricot Beans Organic Organic Powder Spirulina Powder Organic
Butter Beans Organic Hemp Seed Paprika Star Anise
Camargue Red Rice Organic Heroes De Provence Paprika Smoked Sugar Coconut Palm Organic
Cane Sugar Granualated Organic Hibiscus Flower Peppercorns Black Sultanas Organic
Caraway Seed Incah (Golden) Berries Organic Peppermint Teff Flour Whole Grain Organic
Chamomile Jasmine White Rice Physillium Husk Teff Grain Organic
Chilli Powder Jumbo Oats Organic Pinto Beans Organic Thyme Organic
Cinnamon Quills Kombu Flakes Organic Polenta Organic Toilet Cleaner
Clover Flower Kombu Organic Poppy Seeds Tumeric Powder
Cloves Lavender Prunes Organic Unbleached Parchment Paper
Coconut Chips Organic Lemon Verbena Pumpkin Seeds Vinegar Apple Cider Raw
Coconut Flour Organic Lemongrass Quinoa Pops Organic Vinegar Balsamic Aspall Organic
Cordamon Pods Linseed / Flaxseed Ground Organic Quinoa Whole Grain Organic Wheat Flakes Toasted Organic
Coriander Grounded Liquorice Root Raisins Organic Wild Rice Organic
Coriander Seeds Mango Strips Organic Raspberry Leaf Wild Rice Organic Mix
Cous Cous Organic Marigold Recycled Aluminum Foil Yerba Maté
Cranberries Organic Soaked In Organic Apple Juice Marshmallow Red Kidney Beans Organic
Cream Cleaner Millet Organic Red Quinoa Organic
Cumin Ground Muesli Delux With Dates Organic Refillable Bottle
Cumin Seed Muesli Delux With Dates Organic