Edinburgh’s largest plastic free grocery store, selling an extensive range of wholefoods, herbs and spices, detergents and bathroom essentials that can be refilled in existing packaging or in basically anything you can carry it home in.

The Refillery has a 3 step approach to reducing your plastic consumption for good.

  1. Rethink what you buy and how you buy it
  2. Reorganise yourself so that you minimise the need to use single use plastic, and finally
  3. Refill Refilling is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption and The Refillery system make it easier than ever.

They also sell a good range of organic fruit and vegetables, delicious locally baked bread, fresh milk in returnable glass bottles and a range of non-plastic grocery items and ethical gifts.   For the full range check them out online at www.therefillery.co.uk

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