An independent food and natural products zero waste shop in St Albans!


Plastic in all its forms is a very real problem for our planet. Single-use plastic can and should be eliminated from our shopping.


With a growing awareness of how plastic is affecting our planet we believe that now is the right time to bring plastic-free shopping to the centre of our town.

Changing shopping habits can come easily with our system which allows you to bring your own container and fill it with as much or little of a product as you like. Our specifically designed weighing scales will weigh your container before and after filling it so you only pay for the weight of the product you are purchasing.


This has brought us full circle back to the original way of buying food before the days of plastic, with the advantage of updated methods of dispensing products from sealed gravity containers and ski boot scoops.

We aim to stock mainly organic products with the addition of some non-organic ethically sourced alternatives too.

Product List
Wheatstraw Lunchboxes Bio D: Floor Cleaner Mr Organic Tomato Puree Electric ToothBrush
Vegan Food Wraps Bio D: Fabric Conditioner Mr Organic Tomato Ketchup Eco Femme Sanitary Products
Tea Strainers White Mulberries Mr Organic Passata Dental Floss
Straw Cleaners Toasted Coconut Chips Mr Organic Chilli & Garlic Pesto Charcoal Powder
Qwetch Bottles 500ml & 260ml Raisins Mr Organic Basilico Pasta Sauce Bamboo Toothbrush
Metal Straws Mango Strips Mr Organic Basil Pesto Vegan Red Lentils
Kishu Charcoal Filters Goji Berries Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter Yellow Split Peas
Indian Tiffin Boxes Figs Whole Meridian Crunchy Almond Butter Red Lentils
Glass Straws Figs Chopped Meridian Cashew Butter Green Lentils
Ecoffee Cups Dates Medjool Marigold Bouillon Cubes White Basmati
Beeswax Wraps Crystalized Ginger Light Tahini Brown Long Grain
Bamboo Straws Banana Chips Green Olives White Basmati
Bamboo Cutlery Apricots Whole Fairtrade Marmalade Paella Rice
500ml Water Bottles Sundried Tomatoes Black Olives Brown Basmati
Vanilla Pods Strong Wholemeal Biona Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Arborio
Organic Coconut Milk Powder Strong White Salted Peanuts Sunflower Seeds
Organic Cacao Powder Semolina Roasted Salted Pistachios Sesame Seeds
Organic Cacao Nibs Self Raising White Roasted Salted Cashews Pumpkin Seeds
Cinnamon Quills Buckwheat Mixed Nuts Hemp Seeds
Bicarbonate of Soda Brown Rice (GF) Cashew Nuts Golden Linseeds
Baking Powder Wholemeal Couscous Almonds Four Seed Mix
Sisal Hemp Scrubber Pearl Barley Walnut Halves Chia Seeds
Ramie Bath Puff Bulgur Wheat Pine Nuts Mutiny Shaving Kit
Ramie Bath Pad Buckwheat Groats Pecan Pieces Muhle Chrome Safety Razor
Pumice Foot File British Quinoa Ground Almonds Friendly Shaving Bar
Hemp Massage Glove Tarragon Leaves Flaked Almonds Wasabi Peas
Mung Beans Star Anise Cashews Spiced Roasted Chick Peas
Kidney Beans Mint Brazil Nuts Sesame Sticks
Chickpeas Hot Chilli Powder Almonds Japanese Rice Crackers
Cannellini Beans Himalayan Salt Fine Raw Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar Organic Popping Corn
Butter Beans Himalayan Salt Coarse Raw EV Coconut Oil Bombay Mix
Black Turtle Beans Garam Masala Organic White WIne Vinegar Various Jars
Herbfarmacy: Replenishing Moisturiser Curry Powder Organic Sunflower Oil Various Bottles
Herbfarmacy: Refining Cleanser Chilli Flakes Herb infused Oil Jute Shopping Bags
Herbfarmacy: Hand Cream Cardamom Pods Garlic Infused Oilve Oil Indian Cloth Bags
Herbfarmacy: Foot Cream Bouquet Garni Fig and Date Balsamic Vinegar Light Granulated
Herbfarmacy:  Reuseable Cotton Wipes Turmeric Duchess Farms EV Rapeseed Oil: Demerara
Herbfarmacy:  Konjac Facial Sponge Thyme -Smoked Coconut Palm
Special Porridge Oats Sage -Regular Wooden Hill Fairtrade Ground Coffee
Porridge Oats Rosemary -RAW Tealicious: Yunnan Green
Puffed Rice parsley White Penne Tea Division: Roobois Ginger Lemon
Puffed Quinoa Paprika White Farfalle Tea Division: Fruitbang!
Porridge Oats Oregano White Chiferetti Rigate Tea Division: English Breakfast Tea
Muesli Base Nutmeg Whole Corn Penne Tea Division: Earl Grey
Jumbo Oats Mustard Seeds Brown Corn Fusilli Tea Division: Chamomile Flowers
Deluxe Muesli Ground Cumin Baby Conch Shells Mutiny Shaving Sets
Cornflakes Fenugreek Seeds Wholewheat Spaghetti Muhle Razor
Bran Flakes Fennel Seeds Wholewheat Penne Lamazuna Shampoo
Peruvian Milk Chocolate Buttons Cumin Seeds Wholewheat Fusilli Kutis Deodorants
White Chocolate Vanilla Buttons Coriander Seeds White Spaghetti Friendly Soap Bars
Criollo 100% Cocoa Mass Drops Cloves White Penne Friendly Facial Cleansing Bars
70% Dark Chocolate Buttons Cinnamon Powder White Fusilli Faith in Nature Refills: Shower Gels
Washing up Brush Cayenne Pepper Orzo Faith in Nature Refills: Shampoo
Soapnuts Caraway Seeds Macaroni Faith in Nature Refills: Conditioner
Root Vegetable Scrubber Black Whole Peppercorns Friendly Hair and Body Bars Beauty Kubes Shampoo
Recycled Cleaning Cloths Black Ground Pepper Earth Conscious Deodorants
Loof Co Bay Leaves Toothpaste
Faith In Nature: Washing up Liquid Basil Replacement Heads
Cleaning Pad Queen of Herts Honey Organicups
Bottle Brush Organico Olive Chilli and Garlic Sauce Oil Pulling Mouthwash
Bio D: Washing Up Liquid Organico Capers Mouthwash Tablets
Bio D: Toilet Cleaner Organic Strawberry Spread JLC Reusable Menstrual Pads
Bio D: Multi Surface Cleaner Organic Maple Syrup Georganics
Bio D: Laundry Liquid Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Floss Refills

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