TRJFP Brum has been operating since 2014 – rescuing over 600 tonnes of waste food and serving about 200 meals every week. The project intercepts food that would otherwise go to waste from supermarkets, restaurants and other sources; turning it into healthy, nutritious meals for all on a “Pay-As-You-Feel” basis.

We have regular cafés all over the city, food boutiques, a Sharehouse, and we run a Freegan Box scheme. As if that wasn’t enough – you’ll see us popping-up at many different events around Birmingham; check out the calendar on the left for dates and locations of the next 10 places you can find us. We’re also available for catering: see here for more info.

Pay As You Feel
ALL the food that TRJFP provides is Pay As You Feel, or #PAYF for short. That means you contribute however you can to the success of our project: donating your time, skills, money, or something even more imaginative!

Although our food is donated and our staff volunteers, there are still unavoidable costs – we sometimes have to pay for essential items that we can’t guarantee will be donated, e.g. cleaning products, along with other essential things like petrol/diesel, utility bills, insurance etc., and ensure our volunteer staff are up to date with their food hygiene training.

If you don’t have much spare cash, and can’t afford to donate – don’t worry! We need your help, just as much – just ask what you can do to volunteer.

Opening Hours