The Green Stores is a Zero Waste Shop based in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. You will be able to buy plastic-free alternatives to items you use in your everyday lives. Call us on 01923 572052. Sustainable shopping near Rickmansworth, Chorleywood & Watford.

Unpackaged/Bulk/Refillable Food Products
Grains & Rice, Beans, Legumes & Pulses, Pasta, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs & Spices, Dried Fruit, Baking Products (Flour, Sugar etc.), Sweets & Confectionery, Tea, Coffee, Breakfast Cereals (Granola etc.), Vegetable Stock

Household Products
Washing up Liquid, Laundry Liquid (Bio), Laundry Liquid (Non-bio), Laundry Powder, Hand Wash, All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo (Liquid), Fabric Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Soap, White Vinegar

Brands (Refills only)
Faith in Nature, Miniml