The Good Earth is a Wells institution, feeding hungry locals and visitors for over 40 years.

Since its beginnings as a ‘Back-to-Basics’ Wholefood Store in the 1970’s, The Good Earth has always adapted and evolved with the times. However some things have never changed and that’s the way we like it.

Our heritage is what makes The Good Earth so special. So we strive to make sure the food is packed with hearty flavour, the environment is relaxed and the people are passionate and friendly. This is what makes The Good Earth popular with so many people.

More than just a restaurant/cafe; ‘The Good Earth’ is the sum of three distinct parts, The Restaurant, Wholefood Store and
‘The Potager’ Homeware & Gift Shop . The idea is that visiting us is an experience rather than a place to sit and eat.

Centred around a large, counter service restaurant, Our lunch offering is renowned in the area for its taste, quality and value for money. But that’s not all…to compliment your lunch or coffee experience, we have a well stocked Wholefood Store at one end and a beautiful Home and Gift shop at the other.

The Good Earth is headed up by Molly Harwood and Ben Mills – with backgrounds in Art and Design, a shared passion for food and a couple never known to turn down a challenge. They are always working hard to preserve all that is ‘good’ about The Good Earth.

We’re located on Priory Road, near to the main bus station – an easy stroll from the Cathedral and Bishops palace, just beyond the bottom of the High Street.

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