Luigi Terroni established his Italian delicatessen in the heart of London’s Italian district in 1878, and offered a wide range of Italian foods and provisions, including speciality wines and cured meats.

The prime location of the delicatessen, next to the Italian church in Clerkenwell, made it a popular place to visit, and it became synonymous with the Italian population of London – you would be hard pressed to find an Italian living in London who had not heard of or visited the delicatessen.

The Delicatessen is where Terroni’s first started – supplying our customers with food and drink from Italy – and we have been serving traditional Italian foods ever since.

We are proud to stock a vast range of premium brands, including De Cecco pasta and sauces, Pozzi and Mulino Bianco biscuits, charcuterie from Negroni, and an array of wines from all parts of Italy, including the islands. We also have a large selection of some of Italy’s finest and rarest wines.

Aside from core Italian products and ingredients, we also have seasonal goods, such as Baci chocolates by Perugina and Panettone & Pandoro from Bauli.

Why not visit us and have a look at our selection of food and drink, and bring a taste of Italy into your home.

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