We want to help you eat less meat but eat better meat by revolutionising the connection between field and fork.

We believe that organic and ethically produced meat is better for you, better for the environment, better for the animals and produces a difference you can taste.

The story behind your food is important. By choosing to buy from producers directly you can trust and understand what you’re eating, where it came from and the life it lived.

We’re on a mission to connect you with the food you eat.

For 3 generations and over 50 years we’ve been farming at Swillington in the heart of Yorkshire.  Producing sustainable, high welfare food you and your family can trust.

Our team work hard to put quality and animal welfare at the heart of everything we produce and as our ethos grows in popularity we’re gradually increasing our herd, our team, the farmers we work with and the land we farm so that we can supply more households without compromising on the values that make our meat so special.

We hope you will choose to make the switch to Swillington Farm Meat and help us all move toward a more sustainable, organic attitude to food.

Jo, Ed & The Swillington Team

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