Zero-waste goods delivered to your door in North Somerset

We deliver groceries – mostly ‘dry’ goods like cereals, flour, pasta, sugar and coffee, as well as eco-friendly cleaning products

– in containers which we collect and refill.

No single-use packaging. Organic options. Nothing air-freighted.


When you buy from us, you’ll receive your goods in our refillable containers. The system works just like with traditional glass bottles from the milkman – except that the containers you receive will be marked with your name and postcode. We will collect any empties when we bring your next delivery, and keep them allocated and reserved for you in our storeroom.

It’s up to you if you want to wash them every time, although for dry goods you may not feel this is necessary (if you do wash them, please make sure they are 100% dry inside, and please don’t put them in the dishwasher). Your groceries will only ever come to you in your own personalised containers.  

Any time you want to stop buying from us, just let us know and leave out all containers for collection.