Welcome to Store Brighton. We provide a plastic free shopping environment where customers can purchase dried food, household essentials, toiletries and bodycare without the need for single use plastic packaging. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers (jars, bottles, bags, tubs etc) to refill by weight, only paying for the product, not the packaging.

We believe that shopping this way empowers and enables the consumer to shop at a competitive price with less waste. We offer a more authentic shopping experience which is an easy to use, modern take on a more traditional, hands on style of shopping.

Though we do class ourselves part of the countrywide ‘zero waste’ movement, we appreciate that reducing household waste can be a daunting prospect. For some it is an overnight change, whilst others take it step by step. Our mission is to make the move away from plastic packaging as convenient as possible. By visiting Store Brighton you have the option to reduce, reuse and confidently refuse to buy overpackaged goods.

Our Useful Features & Services

Ecoleaf Refills

Bio D Refills

Green Goddess Refills