Single Step wholefoods shop is a workers’ co-op, established in 1976. We aim to provide healthy ethically sourced food at an affordable price. We are committed to fairtrade and to reducing our environmental impact. All of our products are vegetarian, and most are vegan. None of our products are tested on animals; we are opposed to genetic modification, and try to keep our shop GM free. We focus on organic wholefoods, and provide alternatives for specialist diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and salt-free. We prefer our goods to be additive free, and we keep low-salt and caffeine-free products in stock. We try to source fruit and vegetables locally, from farms like; Backsbottom farm, Growing with Grace, Ward and Thompson and Fold House farm. None of our fruit and vegetables are air freighted. Wherever possible, we buy goods from other co-operatives or from local suppliers. We are committed to reducing waste, reusing and recycling.

We sell a large range of foods loose in hoppers so you can buy as much as you need and keep waste, packaging and price down. Our loose foods include; pulses, grains, pasta, seeds, cereals, nuts, dried fruit, many herbs and spices, herbal teas and cocoa.  We also offer refills of (Faith in Nature and SUMA) shampoos, conditioners, handwash and bodywash as well as new deodorant powders. Toothpaste powders and ingredients to make them will be available soon. We sell unpackaged soaps. We offer refiils of a a range of Ecoleaf and BioD houshold cleaning products including washing-up liquid, fabric conditioner, laundry liquid, toilet cleaner and multisurface cleaners. Rapeseed oil, tamari and cider vinger refills are available. We also sell a range of the world’s greenest PTFE and petrochemical free bicycle maintenance products from Green Oil including refills of biodegradable bike lubricant.

Refilling saves you money. We can refill any container. You can order in bulk good at reduced cost. We welcome suggestions and requests.

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