With having 4 children I am well aware of the impact we have on our planet. I started to ‘do my bit’ by using reuseable nappies and wipes, then I started making my own face wipes, clothes, bunting etc. I decided to go one step further and make it a little easier for others to do their bit too. I offer children’s party tablewear/cutlery hire, with the option of decorations and eco friendly party bags. I can even deliver/collect and wash up for you too!

We offer: Jug(s), Reusable Cutlery, Reusable decorations (bunting, lanterns, banners, etc), Reusable Table Linen (tablecloths, napkins), Pass-the-parcel bags, Reusable serving platters, Reusable bowls

We offer delivery. We don’t require items to be washed before being returned.