Our Zero Waste Shop selling a range of spices, herbs, grains, pulses, cereals, legumes, dried fruits, nuts and loose leaf tea all without unnecessary plastic packaging.

Everything is sold by weight so you can buy as much or as little as you need. Cutting down on food waste!

We’ve opted out of the self-serve so come in and be served in the ‘NEW’ old fashioned way. We will prepare your produce for you, while you wait, or even why not drop off your containers with a shopping list and come back when it’s all finished.
Bring your own containers, help yourself to jars provided by our generous community, or use our cotton bags.

We also have a refill station supplying household cleaning products, we have everything from laundry detergent to liquid hand soap and multi-surface cleaners. All made with natural ingredients and super concentrated. Simply bring your old containers and get them refilled.

You can also pick up a range of recycled and sustainable products; from recycled toilet roll to sustainable bamboo straws and kitchenware.

All produce is available via our click and collect option.
Order and pay online and then collect from a point most convenient to you.

Order online using our click and collect service and pick up from one of our dedicated collection points

  • Roots HQ Tillington Street Monday and Wednesday 4.40-6.00 pm
  • Tranquillity Show Room Stafford Tuesday 1-3 pm
  • B. Taylor Fruit and Vegetables – Stafford Indoor Market. Tuesday 1-3 pm
  • The Eco Centre – Strawberry Garden Centre Bramshall Thursday 1-3 pm (second Thursday of the month)
  • The Artisan Boutique Stone Friday 1-3 pm
  • The Artisan Coffee Shop, Eccleshall. Sunday 1-3 pm

Order online and have items posted to you for a flat rate of £3.50


Product List:
Bamboo Straws Kids Blue Tooth Brush Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Red Kidney Beans
Stainless Steal Straws Kids Red Tooth Brush Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Aduki Beans
Straw Cleaners Cotton Swabs   Cannelli Beans
Orgnanicup A Lunch Box Bulk Food Mung Beans
Organicup B Coffee Cups Gluten Free Oats Chickpeas
Tawashi Brush Small Loose Leaf Tea Oats Red Lentils
Greenscents Lavender Laundry Liquid 20litres Raspberry Leaf Tea Deluxe Museli Green Lentils
Greenscents Laundry Conditioner Peppermint Tea Plain White Flour Bulghur Wheat
Greenscents Citrus Multi Surface Spray Chun Mee Organic Green Tea Strong White Bread Flour Roast Coffee
Greenscents Herbal Multi Surface Spray Welsh Breakfast Tea Tri Quinoa Decaf Coffee
Greenscents Minty Loo Cleaner Nettle Leaf Tea Quinoa Bouillon
Greenscents Citrus Washing Up Liquid Rooibos Tea Basmatic White Rice Himalayan Pink Salt
Greenscents Nonscents Laundry Liquid Basmati Brown Rice Sea Salt
Greenscents Nonscents Conditioner Avocado And Shea Butter Soap / Shampoo Bar 110g Cous Cous Basil
Greenscents Herbal Floor Soap Lavender Soap 110g Millet Bay Leaves
Greenscents Citrus Floor Soap Eucalyptus And Spirulina  Soap 110g Arborio Rice Black Peppercorns
Man Fit Pit Deodorant Avocado And Shea Butter Soap 40g Pop Corn Brown Sugar
Women Fit Pit Deodorant Rose Geranium And Pink Clay Soap 40g Sunflower Seeds Caraway Seeds
Sensitive Fit Pit Deodorant Tea Tree And Green Clay Soap 40g Chia Seeds Celery Seeds
Man Fit Pit Deodorant Beer Soap 40g Pumpkin Seeds Chamomile Flowers
Women Fit Pit Deodorant Small Muslin Wash Bag Hemp Seeds Oregano Chilean
Sensitive Fit Pit Deodorant 500g Muslin Soapnut Bag Goji Berries Cinnamon
Organic Soap Nuts Cranberries Cloves
White Vinegar Natural Stain Remover Dates Coriander Leaf
Bicarbonate Of Soda Shave Kit Raisins Curry Powder
Sandwich Wrappers Replacement Blades Whole Yellow Apricots Fennel Seeds
Epsom Salts Soap Saver Bag Dried Mango Marjoram
Citric Acid Facial Cleansing Rounds Banana Chips Nutmeg
Spice Jar 5oz Cotton Scrunchie Whole Almonds Oak Smoked Paprika Powder
Mini Clip Lock Jars Recycled Plastic Shopping Bag Flaked Almonds Parsley
Sea Sponges Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Brazil Nuts Poppy Seeds
Small Muslin Bags Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Whole Cashews Rosemary
Medium Musin Bags Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Spaghetti White Sage
Large Muslin Bags Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Penne Whole Wheat Paprika Powder
Adults Blue Tooth Brush Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Penne White Thyme
Adults Green Tooth Brush Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Fusilli Whole Wheat Turmeric
Adults Red Tooth Brush Mr Popples Organic Raw Chocolate Bar Fusilli White Pasta


Opening Hours






1.00 -7.00 pm


10.00 - 4.00 pm




10.00 - 3.00 pm