Real Foods has been selling natural, healthy food in Edinburgh since 1975. We have 100s of suppliers many of which are small local businesses. Fresh product arrives daily to serve our instore and online customers. We believe that products should not be left lying around in storage and we aim to get the freshest, highest quality product to all our customers.

We are constantly seeking out new and interesting items for our customers to enjoy and with 1000s of customers every day, we are pleased that we are able to provide healthy alternatives to processed foods at prices the public can afford.

The Real Foods stores are open every day of the year except Christmas and Boxing Days and January 1st and 2nd. Outside of opening hours, we have an additional team of busy people who are hard at work picking stock for our web customers and stocking the shelves ready for the next day’s customers. With the exception of our four days of holiday each year there are things happening in our stores all through the day and night.

Both Real Foods shops are intimate and friendly with a passionate, knowledgeable team who are always willing to offer advice on a diverse range of unique and difficult to find products. If you would like to know more about special diets, or simply how to live a greener life they are happy to help.

Free health advice is available in store from our interactive, touch screen kiosks or use the system free of charge via the health and nutrition button on this website.

With almost 40 years trading in Edinburgh, the shops have become an integral part of the local community. Real Foods believes in providing the best customer service and we are proud of the fact that many of our customers have built up long-term friendships with our team.

Products include: Flours, Grains, Cereals, Superfood Snacks, Dried Fruit, Nuts and Seeds, Baking and Cooking, Organic Fresh Vegetables, Pasta, Rice, Noodles, Oils and Sauces, Organic Fresh Fruit, Raw Savouries, Organic Fresh Greens, Jams and Spreads, Raw Ingredients, Cacao and Coconut, Chocolate, Preserved Fruit and Veg, Superfood Teas, Fruit and Herbal Teas, Bath, Shower, Soap, Savoury Biscuits, Snackbars, Fruit and Hemp, Juices, Fresh Breads and Bakery, Supplements, Raw Snacks, Crisps and Chips

Refill List:

Bio-D Washing Up Liquid Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid Ecover Washing Up Liquid – Lemon and Aloe Vera
Bio-D Laundry Liquid Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner Ecover Laundry Liquid
Bio-D Fabric Conditioner Faith in Nature Jojoba Shampoo Ecoleaf Hand Soap Grapefruit Twist Ecover Floor Cleaner
Bio-D Antibacterial Hand Wash – Geranium Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid Ecoleaf Multi Surface Cleaner

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Our Address:

8 Brougham Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9JH