Take a peek into the scrapstore. Grab a shopping trolley and rummage around our 5000 sq ft warehouse crammed with the most exciting and unusual materials you will ever see!

Every day businesses dispose of 1000s of tons of material to landfill sites all over the UK. Some of it has potential for re-use in creative activities. Often the individuals responsible for dumping the material are painfully aware of that potential.

What’s in Store?
We have lots of exciting play-things, to capture your imagination, just look at this:

Balloons, Tubing, corks, plastic taps, cyclometers, door-knobs, round sponges, buttons, paper towels, infusion equipment, white boxes, rubber gloves, petre dishes, bicycle tyres, tinsel, film tape (various colours), Christmas wrapping paper, wrist bands, netting, fabric, shoulder straps, ribbon, mixed scrap, CDs, small toys, chewing gum containers, plastic dishes, plastic plant trays, cotton bobbins, wood, videos, toilet seat covers, carpet squares, mouse mats, sticky back foam circles, cellophane rolls, polystyrene, various card, coloured gel (by the metre), hula hoops, cargo netting, tiles.

These are just some of the exciting play-things in our scrap store.
If there is something you need, please let us know, we may be able to find it.

Scrapstores are not providers of a second rate imitation of the high street. Scrapstore materials are inspirational!

Scrapstores transform people’s ways of working. Instead of making a plan, writing a shopping list and then going and getting the stuff, with Scrapstores you start by going to the Scrapstore and cruising around until something leaps out at you and the ideas come last of all. This is a more sustainable approach to life, the environment and everything. The older generation learnt through wartime rationing to make things last and to adapt themselves to their resources. In the wealthy West, resourcefulness has given way to resource acquisition. Knowing where to buy it has replaced knowing how to make it. Re-Create bucks that trend.

At the moment we collect from over 50 firms all around South Wales and swap regularly with other scrapstores around Britain. The materials are re-used by over 90,000 children and young people through our network of member groups (over 9000).

We are proud to be saving you money and proud to be sustainable. We hope that you will be proud to be a member and that you’ll tell your friends too.

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