We are a traditional grocery store selling meat, fruit, veg, dairy, fresh bread, and just about anything else you would ever need to eat. With the unique situation of having our own farm on which we rear the meat, we can vouch for the origins and the quality thus offering you something you rarely find on a busy urban street in Cambridge.

Fresh and dried foods, sustainable household cleaners and refills. Focus on Plastic free produce, organic foods and sustainable practices.

Fresh Fruit & Veg (Organic)

Bulk Products: Grains & Rice, Beans, Legumes & Pulses, Pasta, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs & Spices, Baking Products (Flour, Sugar etc.), Sweets & Confectionery, Health/Super Foods, Tea & Coffee, Breakfast Cereals, Oil, Milk

Household Refill: Washing up Liquid, Laundry Liquid (Bio), Laundry Liquid (Non-bio), Laundry Powder, All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo (Liquid), Conditioner (Liquid), Fabric Conditioner, Window & Glass Cleaner, Hand Soap

Other Products: Plastic free-Tooth paste, deodorant, toilet rolls etc

Brands: Suma, Ecoleaf, Bio-D, Faith in Nature

Opening Hours


9.00am – 6.45pm


9.00am – 6.45pm


9.00am – 6.45pm


9.00am – 6.45pm


9.00am – 6.45pm


9.00am – 6.45pm


11.00am – 4.00pm