At One Small Step we want to change the paradigms of how we consume, we want to think outside the box and help you realise how convenient and easy a zero-waste lifestyle can be and also to show you all of the alternatives to single-use plastic that are out there. You will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Reducing waste is something that we are so passionate about that we want to share all of our tips with you, its so much easier than it first seems. Once we realised the alternatives to single-use-plastic that were out there and the affect that changing small behaviours in our daily life could have for the good of the planet (if done on a mass scale) we decided to make it our mission to spread the good word of the zero-waste lifestyle. Or as we prefer to view it…the “Zero-Waste Journey”, we think this is important as it is a journey, we do not for a moment expect anyone to have the ability to change all of their consuming habits in one swift move its not that easy and we will not pretend that it will be, we are also not claiming to be perfect green-goddesses ourselves, we too are on this journey with you and together we can bring about big change.

We want you to realise that by starting with just One Small Step, that YOU are able to make a difference. Yes, little old you with your reusable bottle/beeswax wraps/jute bag and your pantry filled with refillable jars, can be one of the reasons that our beautiful planet takes a big sigh of relief!
From food to home cleaning to personal cleansing products, to all of the zero-waste reusable lifestyle products that your heart desires…we want to eventually be be your one stop shop for plastic free living. Consider us your single-use-plastic-free haven!

You can find us in Altrincham Market.

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