noms: used to express unrestrained pleasure in the food one is eating. n. A pleasurable experience of eating. Often used in the plural: stopped in at the cafe for some tasty noms.

noms is also an acronym for the principals behind what we stand for. natural products, organically produced (certified where possible), mindfully chosen and sustainably sourced and packaged or unpackaged where possible.
Organic unpackaged fruit and veg, sourced locally from spring cottage organic farm, when in season. Alternatively imported out of season, but always organic, and almost always packaging free. Some organic suppliers will pack veg in home compostable film packs.

Loose organic dry ingredients, can be measured out in various quantities. Take home in your own containers, clean jars or compostable paper bags. Olive oil and Apple Juice refills also available. Please ensure containers are cleaned before refilling.

Refill your empty containers with Lillys washing up liquid or laundry detergent. This system is full circle as containers are returned to lillys for cleaning and re-use. Refills also available in shampoo, conditioner. Bicarbonate of soda, Apple Cider Vinegar.


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