Newcastle upon Tyne first zero waste and refill shop helping to bring affordable and ethical shopping to the North East.

Nil Living provide circular economy liquid refills such as detergents, haircare, bodycare and lotions, supplier of organic wholefoods and superfoods, most dried goods available sold by weight. Retailers of local and eco-friendly plastic free personal and home hardware alternatives, encouraging simple low waste alternatives in day to day essentials. We support vegan, vegetarian, cruelty free and natural products at realistic prices.

Unpackaged/Bulk/Refillable Food Products: Grains & Rice, Beans, Legumes & Pulses, Pasta, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs & Spices, Baking Products (Flour, Sugar etc.), Sweets & Confectionery, Health/Super Foods, Breakfast Cereals, Milk

Other Food Products: In 2020, we will be introducing oils/vinegars, teas/coffees, kombucha.

Household Products: Washing up Liquid, Laundry Liquid (Non-bio), Laundry Powder, Hand Wash & Delicate Laundry Liquid, All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo (Liquid), Conditioner (Liquid), Fabric Conditioner, Window & Glass Cleaner, Body Wash, Cream Cleanser, Hand Soap, Hard Water Rinse Aid, Dishwasher Powder, White Vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda

Other Products: Plastic free razors and blades, shaving bars and brushes, single use bamboo and reusable baby wipes, plasters, bamboo tepes, natural jars of floss with refills, bamboo toothbrushes (all ages), recycyable elelctric toothbrush heads, georganics toothpastes and mouthwashes and Denttabs with flourise, DAME resuable applicatoir and cotton tampons, Tabitha Eve menturation pads, Jade stone rollers, bamboo cotton buds, bamboo and muslin face clothes, reusbale make up wipes and nail varnish remover pads, handmade glycerine soaps, natural fibre and wooden soap bags and dishes, epson salt refills, resuable coffee cups and water bottles, bamboo curlery, reusable wax wraps and food wraps, produce bags, resuable tea bags, dishwashing pads, surface pads, cococnut husk scrubbers, rubber gloves, paper sandwihs bags, metal and bamboo straws with cleaners, metal lunchboxes, amber bottles for refills, vegan candles,

Brands: Suma, SESI, Faith in Nature, Funky Soap Co., Cole & Co

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