Nature’s Nutrition is a health-food store selling the highest quality foods and supplements for a range of specialist and regular diets.

We are also a co-operative which aims to support the local community.

This means anything from organising useful talks and events, to connecting with and helping out local projects. Most of all it means listening to you, our customers, and responding to what you think the community needs most.

Mugs for Life
We have Ecoffee cups, Pokito collapsible cups plus a range of glass and stainless steel drinks bottles and flasks.

Bring your own container
Bring boxes, jars or pots and you can fill them with herbs, spices, cereals, rice, pulses and dried fruit. Refil shampoos, hand-wash, cleaning and laundry liquids – all from ethical brands like EcoLeaf, Bio D and Faith in Nature.
Reduce waste & save yourself trips to the recycle centre by bringing your own jar to fill.
Plus – you get 5% off* for using your own container!

Happy wallet, happy planet ?
*Excludes toiletries and coffee.

Our Useful Features & Services

Ecoleaf Refills

Bio D Refills

Faith in Nature Refills

Suma Refills