A vegan-friendly zero waste shop.

01 Weigh
Weigh your empty jar or tupperware and take a label so we know the original weight of your jar at the checkout.

02 Fill
Fill with whatever goodies you want, but make sure you only fill as much as you need. Waste not, want not!

03 Re-weigh
Scan your filled jar and re-weigh it to find the new weight and attach the new label.

04 Pay
At the checkouts we will work out the cost, and you can go on your way and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle!

One of the 5 R’s of zero waste is Reuse, so we encourage you to bring your own containers, whether it be an old jam jar or last week’s takeaway container. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly before filling it. However, if you run out, we do sell glass jars for both dry food and liquids such as oils/vinegars. We also provide paper bags if you do run out of containers, free of charge!

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