Naked Larder offers South Londoners a different way to shop. We buy dry goods and eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk to minimise packaging and reduce cost. Our members collect their orders using their own reusable containers.

How does Naked Larder work?

Naked Larder provides a range of grains, beans & pulses, nuts, dried fruit, flours, pasta, cereals and eco-friendly cleaning products and refills, for South Londoners who seek to reduce their environmental impact without increasing the cost of their grocery bills. All of our items are ethically sourced and purchased in bulk volumes to ensure a minimal impact on the earth and your wallet. Customers place an order with Naked Larder, then collect at the pre arranged time with their own reusable containers. The weight/volume of the goods they have ordered are measured out and off they go! Customers are asked to place orders in larger volumes and collect less often. This enables us to buy in bulk to minimise both packaging and running costs, to keep prices low. Collection of items is approximately every two months.

Our Products

See the product list for current items available and current prices.  As the group grows the range can expand in accordance with member demand, so spread the word. We work with suppliers who have comprehensive sustainability and ethical policies, and have rigorous standards for their corporate social responsibility. If you would like more details about suppliers then contact us.

The organic question?….Some products offered are organic, the pastas and flours, but not currently all.

If organic produce is important to you then let us know and if there is enough demand then we may be able to accommodate this. If you have particular dietary requests we can look into that too.

Our packaging

 In regards to packaging, the majority of 25kg bags of goods come in tri-ply paper sacks. A few items come in plastic weave sacks. Obviously the paper bags can be recycled, unfortunately the plastic ones cannot. However they are pretty sturdy sacks and can be reused for storing other things. They are good for wood, for those of you with fires.

If items are only available in smaller quantities or there is lower member demand, they can come in low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a type of plastic, which sadly can’t be recycled. So as Naked Larder grows we should be able to avoid more of these LDPE bags as the volumes ordered increase – so tell your friends! However, even when we do need to use these, this will still save on the plastic from everyone buying individual bags which arrive at supermarkets wrapped in yet further layers of plastic!

In addition, these bags are pretty sturdy and many members use them for storing other items they buy in bulk through Naked Larder. Our aim is always to reduce in the first place, reuse anything we do receive and throw away as little as possible.

Product List:
Couscous Sunflower Seeds Penne Organic – Wholewheat
Rice – Basmati White Pumpkin Seeds Spaghetti Organic – White
Rice – Basmati Brown Pine Kernels Spaghetti Organic – Wholewheat
Rice – Long Grain Brown Walnut Halves Black Peppercorns
Rice – Arborio Pistachios Sea Salt – Fine
Pearl Barley Flaxseed Sea Salt – Coarse
Popcorn Beans & Pulses Cannellini Beans Bicarbonate Of Soda
Cereals Oats – Jumbo Chick Peas Cleaning Products Sesi All Purpose Cleaner
Oats – Porridge Puy Lentils Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner
Oats – Gluten Free (Organic) Green Lentils Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid
Super Muesli Red Split Lentils Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid
Crunchy Apricot Muesli Kidney Beans Ecoleaf 70 Dishwasher Tablets
Dried Fruit Apricots Yellow Split Peas Sesi Hand Soap
Banana Chips Sugar Golden Granulated Sesi White Vinegar
Raisins Demerara
Sultanas Flour – Organic Plain White Flour
Prunes Self Raising White Flour
Figs Strong White Flour
Nuts Almonds Strong Wholewheat Flour
Cashews – Whole Penne Organic – White