I am Munchkin Madness Eco Party Kit, I have two crazy munchkins and as they have got older, I have realised how much waste children’s parties produce. I had one month where we attended 5 parties that all used disposable items and realised that I had to do something to help prevent it, even if it was just at my daughters parties. So I have set up a reusable party kit, that is a no profit organisation to help combat the waste. I am passionate about the environment and saving money. So I have set up a service that helps parents in my local area reduce their disposable waste and save money at the same time. Win win!

We offer: Reusable Tableware – plates, Reusable Tableware – cups, Reusable Tableware – bowls, Reusable Tableware – serving platters / bowls, Reusable Tableware – jug(s), Reusable Cutlery, Reusable Table Linen (tablecloths, napkins)

Yes, we offer delivery. We require items to be washed before being returned.


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