I’m a founder member of the campaign group Plastic-Free Hackney and endeavour to find simple solutions to share in our community to reduce plastic and other material waste.

As a member of my kids’ school PTA, I invested in a stash of cups, plates and bowls so that we could ensure all school events were running with reusable dinnerware. We’ve then extended that so that families at school can borrow the reusable kit for their children’s parties, and so eliminating another demand for disposables. Families are invited to make a donation to the school if they would like to.

By using the London Fields Primary Party Kit you:
a) reduce single use plastics and paper (neither of which will find their way to being recycled since they are contaminated with food waste).
b) will be supporting a wonderful local primary school at a time when school budgets are being cut across the UK.
c) set a brilliant precedent for children and guests to show that disposables are not the solution for scaled-up catering.

Collection only. We require items to be washed prior to return.

Included in our party kits:

Reusable Tableware – plates, Reusable Tableware – cups, Reusable Tableware – bowls


Our Address:

E9 6QG