Flavour is the first thing we look for in a good cheese or a good batch of cheese

In 2016 we bought 200kg of Gruyere from producer Vincent Auberson in Vaud, Switzerland. This cheese is one of our founder’s favourite’s and the cheese that almost single handedly built the business to where it is today. After trading from various food markets in and around London we opened our first store off Sloane Square in the newly appointed food village on Pavilion road, Chelsea.

Now we select a range of up to 30 cheeses to have on our counters. These change regularly depending on quality and season. Having a small and variable selection ensures only the best and highlights the romanticism and quality of seasonal, hand made products. Encouraging our guests to taste everything before they make their final decision is a way to ensure complete satisfaction through honest, transparent, and accurate information. We believe this experience not only encourages us to maintain our standards but also gives our guests the knowledge and power to shop with confidence, with us and other food specialists.

Baron Bigod

Jonny & Dulcie Crickmore
Bungay, Suffolk
Raw Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet

Named after a Norman French knight, the remains of whose castle overlooks the farm, is made to a Brie de Meaux recipe, and is full of the rich, mushroom and cabbage flavours of that cheese, but it often retains a chalky core with a sharper, more acidic flavour that proves a refreshing contrast to the vegetal paste under the rind.

Innes Brick

Joe Bennett
Highfields Farm, Staffordshire
Raw Goat’s Milk
Traditional Rennet

Innes Bricks start off life in Staffordshire, but they leave home early to mature in the arches of Neal’s Yard Dairy, who are responsible for developing the delicate geotrichum rind which gives the cheese a gentle honeysuckle aroma.


Jean-Michel Rapin
Villeneuve, Vaud, Switzerland
Raw Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet

Marechal’s rind is rubbed with hay, which contains a great diversity of mountain herbs and flowers, giving it a distinctive herbal note, in addition to protecting it from moisture loss. The cheeses we have at the moment have moist, sweet-savoury pastes with a distinct spring onion twang at the end.

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