We are a bulk market for food and drink, household goods and personal care products. We specialise in items that are plastic free and cause minimal damage to our environment.

Eliminating pointless plastic from food items, drinks, household goods and personal care products is possibly one of the easiest ways you can manage your impact on the environment. Lentils and Lather is dedicated to making it easy and convenient to shop this way.

A large part of our shop is dedicated to supplying bulk foods and household liquids, with the aim of encouraging our customers to bring their own containers to fill up and reuse. We also support local, independent makers and manufacturers who align with our ethics of plastic free shopping. This range is constantly evolving, so take a look around our site or follow us on our social channels to keep up to date.

Lentils and Lather is located on Burton Road, Manchester – in between Withington and West Didsbury.


  1. LESS SINGLE USE PLASTIC – We provide a plastic free shopping experience where you can bring your own containers to fill up with household staples.
  2. MANAGE YOUR MONEY – Buying exactly what you need, rather than in pre-defined pre-packaged quantities, means you have better control over your spending.
  3. LOCAL AND INDEPENDENT – Because we’re independent, we can carefully select and stock things that exactly match the needs of our customers.
  4. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE – We’re about much more than pulses and soap. We stock a wide range of products to help you live a plastic free life.

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