Leeds Wood Recycling offers an ethical, cost effective and convenient wood collection service.

We work in a similar way to a skip hire company, but offer a sustainable alternative to waste disposal as 100% of our collected wood waste is sorted, repurposed and recycled in some way.

We collect waste wood from a variety of companies and businesses from firms that have pallets and wood packaging waste, local engineers, theatres, production companies through to private house rennovations. We also work with large national building sites: the construction process continually generates so much waste wood, much of which is reusable so keeps our shop stock varied and sustainable.

The wood is then brought back to our warehouse, processed and repurposed to sell to the public in our shop. Doing this is very labour-intensive so creates lots of jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, providing local people with new skills and confidence to find work and improve their lives. We aim to be part of the regeneration of our local area and provide a positive impact.

If your organisation normally uses a skip to get rid of your wood waste – we can compete and offer a better deal!

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Our Address:

Leeds Wood Recycling, Unit 6 Croydon Street, Leeds LS11 9RT