An independent eco shop in East Dulwich London, with a particular interest in good design, renewable materials and objects that have longevity.

Since opening our doors, we have been a proud supplier of eco-friendly goods to the local area and advocates of environmentally conscious living.

We believe that the objects we buy should have longevity, be gentle to the earth, and support the producers who make them. We source many of our products from women’s groups and businesses committed to creating a positive social impact.

In addition to the brick-and-mortar shop, we sell our goods at markets and festivals across the UK.

Visit us and Twotone the cat for a range of one-of-a-kind baskets and rugs. We also offer Ecover product refills in store. If you can’t make it over to visit us, be sure to sign up for the newsletter below for updates on our fair schedule and on our online shop.

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10am - 5.30pm


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12 - 4pm

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