Situated in the tiny village of Semer near Hadleigh in Suffolk. Hollow Trees is a busy working farm, growing lots of vegetables, picking them fresh every day to supply their farm shop.

Hollow Trees Farm Shop was established in 1986 as a roadside cart; selling a few eggs and potatoes from the farm gate. It has evolved and grown over the years and then has won many local and national awards for being the ’best farm shop’. The farm shop stocks a wide range of fresh farm food and everything produced on our farm is sold through the shop; the vegetables we grow and the livestock we rear. Food miles are nonexistent on many of our lines!

The Butchery is firmly based on supplying you with good meat sourced both locally and from our own farm.

We know the meat sold in the Butchery from our own farm is reared to a high welfare standard and grown slowly to produce tender, tasty meat. We transport the animals to the abattoir ourselves and are confident that our animals are treated well and our meat handled properly as we prepare it for you.
Alongside the home-grown meat in The Butchery are other locally sourced products including chicken and game. We work closely with our local livestock farmers and suppliers so we can be sure we know what we have on offer.

Woodlands Coffee Shop s a family friendly retreat with simple meals on offer created using only the best home grown and local ingredients where possible. Scones are baked fresh every day and cakes and slices are all baked on site in the brand new modern kitchen.

Opening Hours


8.30am - 5.45pm


8.30am - 5.45pm


8.30am - 5.45pm


8.30am - 5.45pm


8.30am - 5.45pm


8.30am - 5.45pm


9.00am - 5.00pm


Our Address:

Hollow Trees Farm, Semer, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 6HX United Kingdom