Green Valley, just off Edgware Road, is a Lebanese paradise. You’ll find an extensive selection of fruit and veg near the front of the store, then giant barrels of pickles, including purple pickled turnips, plus cheeses and olives. Near the back is a bakery where they cook fresh pita and flatbreads, and a deli stuffed with fresh meze, mostly made in their kitchen downstairs. We love their kibbeh, fattoush, hummus and moutabel. If that wasn’t enough, half the shop is dedicated to sweets, pastries and ice cream. Just try and walk out without buying anything.


Ready to eat: Hommos, Moutabal, Fatayer, Vine Leaves, Dish of the Day eg Whole Roast Lamb/Chicken and Rice, Okra, Curry, Soup of The Day, Koushary

Salads: Rocket Salad, Tabouleh, Mixed Beans Salad, Lentil Salad, Artichoke Salad, Fatoush Salad, Avocado Salad, Aubergine Salad, Cheese Salad

Bakery: Zaatar (Herbs) Bread, Lebanese Minced Lamb Pizzabread, Lebanese Cheese Pizzabread, Pizza, French Breads, Arabic Breads

Olives: Lebanese Olives, Kalamata Olives, Mixed Pickles, Cucumber Pickle, Makdous (Aubergine) Pickles, Green Olives in Brine, Pitted Olives with Garlic and Pepper, Chilli Pickles, Black Mammoth

Dairy: Biogreen Lebanese Yogurt, Puck Cream Cheese, Labneh (Concentrated Lebanese Yogurt), Halloumi Cheese, Akawi White Cheese Twisted White Cheese, Curly White Cheese, Bulgarian Cheese, Greek Feta Cheese, Green Valley Yogurt

Dry Goods

Crushed Wheat (Burghol), Chick Peas, Red & Green Lentils, Crushed Broad Beans, Frekie, Fafa Beans, Butter Beans, White Kidney Beans, Egyptian and Basmati Rice

Fresh Produce

Specialising in fresh Western & Eastern fruit & vegetables, spices, dry goods and prepacked Lebanese delicacies of which we have the best and widest selection in London. Daily deliveries ensure freshness with special produce and seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly airfreighted from Lebanon.


The butchery department provides Halal-certified cuts of red and white meat. Seasoned or plain and sold by weight by our expert butchers who will provide special advice and prepare any cuts to your exact specification. We also offer marinated, ready to cook, barbecue/BBQ party food.


Nuts and Seeds: Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Chick Peas
Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Red Melon Seeds, Monkeynuts, Peanuts, Hazlenuts, Corn

Coffee: Lebanese-style coffee blend with/out cardamom, Arabic coffee with/out cardamom, roasted coffee beans, cardamom & cardamom powder, pre-packed coffee (Alrifai, Najjar & Maatouk). We also serve freshly brewed takeaway Illy Tea & Coffee.

Opening Hours


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight


8am-12 midnight

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