Green Heart Party Hire offers the chance to hire all the tableware you need for your party including some decorations.
After seeing how much more waste was created after birthdays and christmas with a child I started to create and use re-usable wrapping paper but wanted to do more, Green Heart Party Hire was created to encourage the use of re-usable partyware and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfil. Now more than ever we need to make sensible choices as consumers – small changes can create big change. Less Fuss, Less Waste!

We offer: Reusable Tableware – plates, Reusable Tableware – cups, Reusable Tableware – bowls, Reusable Tableware – serving platters / bowls, Reusable Tableware – jug(s), Reusable Cutlery, Reusable decorations (bunting, lanterns, banners, etc), Themed boxes with games

We don’t require items to be washed before being returned.