Goodfayre, an ethical shop in Salisbury, created by Dana Burton as part of her mission to help, not harm our planet, people or animals. Driven by a desire to shop more consciously, Dana created the shop as a community space for likeminded people to find products that have been consciously sourced.

We encourage our customers to seek environmental everyday alternatives, such as our bulk wholefoods dispensers, eliminating plastic packaging. We want them to ask, “Where does it come from?” to share those products’ amazing stories.

Goodfayre is actively reducing it’s environmental impact, using renewable energy, sending 0% to landfill and creating a shop interior from reclaimed materials.

We work with local, small businesses and social enterprises to showcase innovative products, helping our customers access the products but also giving the producers a chance to bring their products the high street.

Alongside the shop we run events such as our Clothes Swap, Coffee Mornings and workshops to share knowledge and spread awareness about the different environmental challenges facing us. We started the #ethicalchallenge to encourage people to adopt a more ethical way of life and we are about to challenge Salisbury to be the first British city to eliminate plastic straws.

Grains Subscription

Reduce your plastic waste and sign up to our Grain Subscription boxes today, Each month we will deliver a box of freshly packed grains packed in compostable paper bags, you select the grain size you want and we’ll send you a mixture of Grains by weight to suit your family size, Boxed start from £6.95 per month including your postage.

Each month as well as your staples like pasta, rice and oats, we’ll send you some more unusual things, you may not have cooked with before and We’ll send out recipes by email or via our blog – to minimise our waste – so you know how to use them and experiment with.

We hope that by offering your grains and dry foods without plastic we can help you along your own personal journey to a zero waste lifestyle.

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Good Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 9.00am - 5.30pm Easter Sunday: Closed Bank Holiday Monday: 11am -4pm​

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