We’re a refillery. A place to gather your (zero waste) necessities, from food to cleaning products to toiletries.

And we’re a sustainability hub. A place to gather together, learn and help each other to live more sustainably.

Dried foods, oils and vinegars, drinks and cleaning products without the packaging. Bring some tupperware, a produce bag, a jar or whatever’s lying around. (We’ve got you covered if you forget.)

Product List includes cereals, oils and vinegars, rice and grains, pasta, mylks, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and snacks, pulses and legumes, herbs and spices, flours, sugars, cocoa, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, hair care, shower gel, and cleaning products
Bamboo toothbrushes, solid shampoo bars, creams in tins and other wonderful things to help you live sustainably.
Household products include toiletries, solid shampoo and conditioner, kitchen essentials, kids’ stuff, beauty and grooming, oral care, food and drink reusables, DIY beauty ingredients, miscellaneous.
  1. Faith in Nature Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash
  2. SESI Washing Up Liquid, Fabric Conditioner, Hand Wash, Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner,
  3. Fill Refill Co. Laundry Liquid
  4. Ecoleaf Laundry Powder