FoodNude is a vibrant Zero Waste shop in Blackhall Yard, Kendal, Cumbria.  We sell food without the plastic packaging and by weight, meaning our shoppers can buy as little or as much as they need. Everything we sell is dispensed into either a paper bag or our Customers own containers should they wish to bring them.

Our aim is to be Cumbria’s leading Zero Waste option, everything we sell is 100% Vegan, our stock range is varied, relationships with our suppliers is growing strong, meaning we are growing strong week on week.

We have some very loyal and dedicated Customers and we keep on our toes by listening to them, delivering what they are asking for and being there for them on their plastic free journey.

We don’t stop at food, we also stock a range of non food items, always plastic free, for personal hygiene and the home.

Opening Hours


9am - 4.30pm


9am - 4.30pm


9am - 4.30pm


9am - 4.30pm


9am - 4.30pm


9am - 4.30pm


11am - 3pm

Our Useful Features & Services

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