Opened in 1975 by Govinda and Meeta Lovage, Food For All is a non-profit health food store which started trading in Stoke Newington by offering grains, pulses, herbs, flours and wholefoods that were bought in bulk and packed on the premises. In time it grew to stock a wider and increasingly diverse range of health foods, supplements, cosmetics, herbs, oils and tinctures. Presently we stock more than one thousand lines.

About Us

We are a not-for-profit vegetarian/vegan health food shop that has served the people of Hackney for over 40 years and are committed to assisting the local community achieve optimum health and wellbeing through natural means. Our large product range includes wholefoods, superfoods, dry and fresh goods, supplements, body care, household products and over 250 therapeutic/culinary herbs and tinctures. Our staff are helpful and knowledgeable with many of them trained in nutrition or herbal medicine.

In our approach we support new ethical entrepreneurs and stock locally made artisan products such as soaps, shea butter, preserves and ferments.

The store is renowned for it’s unique community atmosphere and you’ll often find several locals having a passionate conversation while shopping.


Food For All promotes all-round healthy living by providing a wide selection of affordable wholefoods, herbs, health products and advice on their respective health properties.
As a vegetarian health food shop we do not stock any meat produce, instead offering alternative foods such as tofu, seitan and soya or plant-based products. Everything we stock promotes our belief in living healthily and harmoniously with the environment.

We do not endorse testing on or cruelty to animals and we only select beauty products and supplements that have not been tested on animals. All our products are free from Genetically Engineered ingredients and derivatives.

Food for All is a company limited by shares held in trust for AMURT UK. Profits from the store go towards supporting AMURT UK’s local projects and international AMURT projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Opening Hours


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