I have decided to choose Sesi as my new supplier of household cleaning products.

Sesi is based in Oxford and uses an independent manufacturer in the UK to produce their Vegan, biodegradable household cleaning products.

The containers these products come in are reused and sent back to be cleaned and reused again and again

providing a closed-loop system. A bonus is that your money goes further with Sesi as the costs are lower, again meaning that shopping with Fill is competitive with the supermarkets.

As well as our deliveries the pop up events we do are increasingly popular.

Emma’s Kitchen in Twyford will now be a regular event, the last Saturday of the month, the next being the 31st August.

Fill will be a Headington Market in east Oxford on Saturday 3rd August and Hazlemere Fete on Monday 24th August.

Watch out for news about how we are getting involved in zero waste week.