Field to Fork Organics Cooperative is a small group of local people who want to create a more sustainable system of food production.  We have big plans for our little corner of North West London.

We are not your ordinary commercial veg box scheme.

We are a small group of local people who love food and are committed to working towards a more sustainable system of food production. We are a co-operative not-just-for-profit Veg Bag scheme!

We work in partnership with our suppliers, Co-operatives UK, Growing Communities, The Plunkett Foundation and Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn, to supply our local community with a weekly selection of fresh and affordable organic seasonal produce direct from selected organic farmers based as close to London as possible.

As we grow, we plan to develop our own patchwork city farm at various sites at allotments, parks and schools.  We will then be able to supplement our Veg Bags with a variety of salads and herbs and be able to count food miles on one hand.  We want to involve lots of people (especially small people) in helping us build this.  We want to provide training and jobs to local people.  We want to reinvigorate our community and strengthen links between people living in our neighbourhood.  We want to do all this and more.

Ecological Food and Farming

We are certified with the Soil Association, so all our produce is certified organic. We source the majority of our produce from local certified organic suppliers, with certified organic wholesalers making up any shortfalls. We’re planning to supply salad and herbs from our own, local (urban) grown produce as soon as possible.

We prioritise buying from small to medium-scale production units and focus on seasonal, fresh produce.

Transformative Trade

We are organised as a worker’s cooperative which means that we are focused on wider project objectives and intend to only make sufficient profit so that we can sustain the project’s objectives.

We will buy from producers and sell to our members at fair and reasonable prices. We want to provide jobs for local people in growing, packing and delivering vegetables.

Building Community

We believe that people want and need to re-connect with their neighbours and local community.

Our pick-up points are important ways for people to get to meet and know other members of our scheme, to engage with issues around the food system and to get involved with Field to Fork Organics.

Changing the Big Picture

As part of Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn, we’re playing our part in the vision to turn our area into a more self-sufficient community by taking positive action against climate change, the energy crisis and unsustainable consumption.


Information from Better Food Traders