Farmer Copleys is owned by Robert & Heather Copley with their two sons Jacob and Harry also providing a helping hand. The farm has been in the Copley family for over 140 years. It started as a dairy farm, then changed to arable and since Robert has returned to the farm he has brought back the livestock, as that is his true passion.

Farmer Copleys as it is know today started 15 years ago as a small farm shop with just one butcher alongside Robert & Heather. It has since expanded three times and now pride ourselves on having one of the best meat counters in the UK, a lovely Deli with fantastic cheese, olives, and beautiful home made bakery products made by our team of talented bakers.

We make our own jams, chutneys, fudge and more recently ice cream, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. We provide everything you need to have a feast with your family and friends!

The Farm Shop has grown dramatically, however the butchery department still forms the backbone of the business, priding itself on being one of the best butcheries in the UK (numerous awards to back this statement up, but come and judge for yourself). The farm is nearly self-sufficient in Lamb supplied only to our butchery. It also produces some beef, working closely with other local farmers to ensure top quality grass fed beef, free range pork, poultry & game. We have something for everyone (including non-meat eaters, read on).

Robert also grows the following crops; Rhubarb, Asparagus, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Corn (on the cob), Grass (for the livestock), Liquorice, Pumpkins & Gourds. These are available in season in the farm shop with other local fresh produce and celebrated in the menus of Moo & Beast.

There is a fabulous deli with regional cheeses and cooked meats. All the produce are made from scratch on site by our team of bakers. The traditional farmhouse style cakes are baked fresh by the bakers and made just as you would at home. We produce as much as we can ourselves both on the farm and via the bakery, butchery, Moo Café and Beast Restaurant.

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