All your low waste needs with a rock and roll attitude! Because rocking out shouldn’t cost the earth. From bamboo guitar picks and drumsticks to reusable period products to skincare – there’s plenty here for the earth conscious rocker.

Bottled baking mixes, All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Window & Glass Cleaner Soy wax candles, organic cotton bags, poo bags, dog treats, seed bombs, water bottles, metal straws, vegan food wraps, dish soap, coconut dish brush/scourer, plastic free cleaning from Iron Velvet, coconut bowls, shampoo bars, Soap, natural deodorant, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razors, hair oil, face oil, salve, essential oils, flower waters, butters, green clay, reusable period pads, menstrual cups, make up wipes, bottled baking mixes

Run With Wolves, The Bottled Baking Co, Magic Room Brand, Turtle Bags, Fetch It, My Dog Bites, Kabloom Seedboms, Eco Cocobut, Safix, Primal Suds, Iron and Velvet, Shole, Head In The Woods, Pit Putty, Salix Moon, Mutiny Shaving, Starchild Glastonbury, Honour Your Flow, CBD Bristol, The Bam and Boo.

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