Down to Earth is a small independent health food shop in Dorchester established in 1978. It has had several owners since then but prides itself on retaining its heart and soul. The shop has been under new management since February 2013.

​We moved to a new convenient location at 19 Trinity Street in September 2015.

Our Aim is to support a healthy lifestyle, support local producers and cut down on waste. We are a peoples shop offering service with a smile.

How We Can Help You

Save time by making telephone orders to be collected at your convenience.
We are happy to order in any products that aren’t currently in stock. Small discounts may be given for products bought in bulk.
We will be running special offers for special occasions throughout the year.
Our Notice Board has contacts for local therapists, musicians, events, activities and more.
Come and see our regularly updated window displays for information about current awareness campaigns.
All provided with an ear to listen, a smile and a welcome.

Products List:
Aduki OrganicFigs Large OrganicRed Kidney Bean Organic
Apple RingsFlagelotRed Lentil Organic
Apricot Diced unsulpheredGathia SticksRice Arborio Risotto
Apricot Organic Un-sulpheredGoji Berry unsulpheredRice Basmati Brown and White
Apricot WholeGreen Lentil OrganicRice Flake
Banana ChipsHaricots OrganicRice Long Grain
Banana DriedLemon CapsRice Pudding
Barley FlakeMango Strips OrganicRice Short Grain (Brown)
Barley Pearl and PotMarrowfat PeaRice Wild
Black eyedMarzipanRye Flakes
Black Turtle Bean OrganicMilet FlakesSoup Mix and Bean Mixes
Bombay MixMillet GrainSour Cherries Dried Organic
Borlotti BeanMixed Cake Fruit OrganicSoya Bean Organic
Bran FlakeMung BeanSpelt Flakes and grain
Bran SticksOatmeal Fine and MediumSplit Pea Green
Brown Lentil OrganicOatmeal PinheadSplit Pea Yellow
Buckwheat FlakesOats JumboSultanas Organic
Butter Bean OrganicOats PorridgeTurkish Delight
CanneliniOrange CapsWheat Bran
Carob-Coated Brazil NutsPapaya DicedWheat Bulgher
Carob-Coated GingerPears and PeachesWheat flake Raw and Toasted
Carob-Coated RaisinPeel CitronWheat Germ
Cherries GlacéPeel MixedWheat Grain
Chickpea OrganicPineapple DicedWholewheat Pasta
Corn PoppingPineapple RingsYogurt-Coated Ginger
Cous CousPolentaYogurt-Coated Honeycomb
Cranberry Organic Sweetened with apple JuicePrunes LargeYogurt-Coated Orange Peel
Crystallised GingerPrunes PittedYogurt-Coated Raisin
Currants GreekQuinoa Grain
Dark Speckled Lentil OrganicRaisins Golden
Dates ChoppedRaisins Lexia
Dates PittedRaisins Organic
Figs Baby (seasonal)

Opening Hours


2pm to 5pm


9.30am to 5pm


9.30am to 5pm


9.30am to 5pm


9.30am to 5pm


9.30am to 2.00pm