Cut the wrap is a new twist on an old idea- buy by weight, using your own container. Refill not landfill!

Eliminate single use plastic packaging from your grocery shopping and save money in the process! 

We want to give the purchase power back to YOU!

Save the planet- Save your pocket.

Cut the Wrap! Food without baggage.

Around a year ago, as a family, we decided to cut down on our plastic packaging and food waste. We’d all seen images of sea creatures entangled in plastic and the Blue Planet documentary, so we decided to do our bit and reduce our own single use plastic waste. We’ll save the planet, we thought. Simple!

It soon became clear that it was not all that easy for the average family, on an average income to achieve this goal. Pasta, rice, grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruits and all manner of other store cupboard staples come in non-recyclable, single use packets! We were so frustrated and we weren’t the only ones. We joined lots of discussion forums and it seemed that there was a growing movement to reduce plastic and a growing frustration about single use food packaging. 72.4% of marine debris is single use plastics (bags, lids, containers, polystyrene, styrofoam takeaway cartons…).

So we set to thinking about what we could do about this problem. What if we could create a grocery store where plastic packaging was eliminated and people could choose how much of something they wanted to buy, in what container suited them- Cut the Wrap! The zero waste shop was born.

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