Cultivate are a low carbon, low plastic and low waste organic fruit and veg delivery service and grocer. We prioritize local producers, so your food doesn’t travel far and we deliver by bike, we only use biodegradable plastic or compostable packaging and all our produce is sustainably produced; over 80% is organic. We are low waste, and any waste we do have supports local community projects such as Waste2Taste and we provide small local producers with a route to market and pay them fairly (50-70% of the sale price). We only deliver inside the Oxford Ring Road and to Kidlington

Unpackaged/Bulk/Refillable Food Products:
Fresh Fruit & Veg (Non-Organic), Fresh Fruit & Veg (Organic), Grains & Rice, Beans, Legumes & Pulses, Pasta, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs & Spices, Baking Products (Flour, Sugar etc.), Tea & Coffee

Household Products:
Washing up Liquid, Laundry Liquid (Bio), Laundry Liquid (Non-bio), All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo (Liquid), Conditioner (Liquid), Window & Glass Cleaner, Hand Soap

Brands (Refills only):