The farm shop has grown and grown over the years and the range of different products we have is huge. While we try to stick to local products we do sometimes have to look further afield to find the best quality. We have over 60 regional suppliers and producers, many within a 50 mile radius. So we are pretty a lot of the time! These pages give just a small taste of what we offer and have available in the shop, and hopefully you’ll pay us a visit, have a chat and see for yourself why we won best farm shop in Essex in 2012 and have been shortlisted for best UK farm retailer twice.

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Locally sourced and hung for a minimum of 21 days, the flavour is outstanding. With different local farmers supplying the beef you will know where it came from and what breed it is. That’s traceability!

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All pork is free range and reared near Shalford, Braintree.

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Dry curing the bacon, ensures the best possible flavour, it means you won’t get nasty white residue that you sometimes see in other types of bacon, which have been injected with brine. Dry curing is a simple process which involves coating the pork in a cure mixture containing mainly salt, and leaving for a period of up to 2 weeks. Smoking is done traditionally over pine and oak chips to give the smoked bacon a delicate flavour, without being overpowering.

Sausages, Chipolatas & Burgers
Handmade by their own fair hands using the same pork that they sell over the counter, unlike many sausages that use cheap imported cuts of pork. Should you want gluten free sausages Neil can also help you out.

The lamb is again free range and from Ashford, Kent. Reared traditionally the flavour is fantastic.

Rabbit, hare, venison, partridge, pheasant and quail are available (when in season) and have been shot locally so you can be sure they are fresh and tasty.

All locally sourced, we have 2 different ranges to choose from, barn reared and free range. The RSPCA freedom foods scheme is the minimum welfare standard we work to. Fresh Sutton Hoo chickens are also available at the weekends.

Starfishmongers, Quality Wet Fish & Shell Fish

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