Since 1980, Bumblebee Natural Foods has set out to sell natural food, remedies and household products that are healthier for you and healthier for the environment.

The Veg Shop

Working with suppliers we’ve known for years we’re able to trace the origin of all our fruit and vegetables. We source as much local and seasonal produce as possible, all of which, including foods from further afield, are certified organic.

Our cheese counter, filled with organic and farmhouse cheeses, takes centre-stage in our dairy section. We have a large selection of yogurts, butters and ice creams, with lots of vegan options.

Covering one wall is our extensive range of teas. Opposite, we have jars of loose tea, coffees, herbs & spices from floor to tip-toe height. We buy in bulk, selling the herbs by weight so we can pass the saving on to you.

Among the many eco-cleaning products is our refill station: Bring and refill your empty bottles with environmentally-friendly washing-up and laundry liquids

The Nut Shop

The Nut Shop, the go-to store for your kitchen cupboard: Dried fruits, nuts, oils, condiments, jams and honeys, and a lot, lot more.
And then there’s supplements and bodycare. All here.

Here’s where you’ll find the essentials. The self-selection nut counter provides a wide assortment of raw and roasted nuts and seeds. We also have macadamias, raw pistachio kernels, tiger nuts, mulberries, barberries, goji berries, chocolate covered brazils, ginger & coffee beans and much, much more, as well as a wide variety of organic nuts, seeds and superfoods.

Stock up your larder from our row upon row of oils and vinegars, jams and honeys, soy and nut milks, nut butters, coconut oil, bouillon, fermented vegetables, pickles and chutneys.

Our Japanese food section boasts a wide choice of noodles, soy sauces and tamari, all kinds of seasonings, miso and miso soups, seaweed and dried mushrooms.

Supplements and natural remedies are also here. Major brands and smaller suppliers combine to offer an all-encompassing spectrum of health choices.

Our bodycare selection is extensive, providing a wide range of shampoos, bodywashes, soaps, skincare, toothpastes, essential oils, bath salts and candles.

The Veg Shop follows the seasons, The Bread Shop keeps the time of day:
Grab some pastries or Artisan bread for breakfast, lunch from our deli and cake for the afternoon.
Rye, spelt, sourdough and granary loaves made by some of London’s best artisan bakers are delivered to the shop first thing every morning. Completing the breakfast of champions is a selection of pastries, muffins and cakes, many of which are vegan or sugar-free.

The Bakery & Deli

The Bread Shop is our grain store: here you’ll find wholegrains, breakfast cereals, pasta, baking flours along with dried beans sold either packaged or loose.

We stock chocolate galore including Green & Blacks, Montezuma, Booja Booja, raw cacao and carob. And not to forget our sugar-free confectionery, snacks, natural energy drinks and juices.

Our organic wine selection is well worth a look. All our wines are vegan in provenance and we have one of the most extensive collections of sulphur-free and low-sulphur offerings. Did we mention our biodynamic wines, or our organic champagne, beer and cider?

In the fridges you’ll find tofus, tempeh, vegetarian sausages and ready-meals. Our free-from section includes sugar-free and gluten-free snacks and breads, and we sell a wide choice of organic baby foods, including milk formulas.

We cook on site daily, serving a choice of 3 hot dishes, such as stir-fries, pasta bakes, casseroles, and roast veg as well as pastries, pizzas, soup and a deli full of hearty and light salads. If you’re vegan or eat a free-from diet you’ll find plenty to choose from. You may want to beat the lunch rush; tasty tidbits start appearing mid-morning.

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33 Brecknock Rd, Kentish Town, London N7 0BT