Are you moving house? Would you like to borrow my boxes?

I have 54 plastic boxes in my possession, because over many years I have moved house and had my belongings in storage a fair bit. I don’t need them right now, as I’m settled where I live, but I’d like to keep them for if and when I do move again.
In the meantime, I’d like to put them to good use.
So, I’m offering to lend them to anyone else who might need them.

I found that putting things in decent, strong boxes made the whole moving process a lot easier – I could stack them neatly in the corner as I packed up, I didn’t have to tell the removal guys, “hey, be careful with that one, it’s got heavy books in it”, and once they’re in the new place, they can be stacked high, leaving as much floor space as possible to unpack.

If you’d like to borrow my boxes, the deal is this:

You collect them from me in East Oxford.
We count them in and make a note of any damages, just like when you borrow a car.

You can borrow them for up to 2 months (I know how long it takes to load up and empty boxes!). We will agree the date you will bring them back.

You make a £5 (or more if you can) donation to charity. (I’ve chosen a charity that helps homeless people, because I think amidst all the stress of moving, it’s important to be grateful to actually have a home, and to help others who aren’t so fortunate).

You return them either to me, or the next person who has them booked in will collect them from you.

My request is that you take care of them as if they were your own, or they belonged to a friend, and return them on time, so I can lend them out again. When you return them, please declare any extra cracks or breakages – I’m aware this can happen in a move, so there is a small amount of wiggle room for this, but please be respectful and honest!

You don’t have to live in Oxford to borrow them, as long as you are able to collect them and return them from East Oxford, that’s fine by me.