We are providing our communities with a place to shop differently.

Our unique eco refill shop is the first of its kind in our area. We want to encourage shopping that is environmentally sound, community focussed and fairly priced, making it accessible to everyone. Especially helping educate our young children within the family.

Let’s think about how we shop and the way items are packaged, what we throw away and how this is impacting our environment now and in the future.


AT OUR ECO REFILL PANTRY we stock over 100 organic, loose, products for you to choose from. We store pulses, grains, rices, pastas, nuts, seeds, spices and many more. We also have a dedicated gluten free section.  We have fresh bread and organic fruit and vegetables and herbs.

It is very important for us to support local producers, and so our bread and fresh produce is sourced within 5 miles of us!

Our fruit and vegetables are mainly seasonal, so we wont stock everything, but you will find the best of what there is

Why organic​

We believe organic farming is the natural way and ‘organic food’ should in fact just be called ‘food’, allowing the pesticide-laden stuff to take the burden of an adjective. So rest assured that everything sold in this shop is as nature intended, organic.

Product List:
Dried FruitsGrainsWalnut piecesCoffee
Apple ringsArborio riceVariety of salted nutsHarries Coffee – it’s delicious!
ApricotsPearl BarleySeedsDecaffeinated coffee (coming soon)
Banana ChipsBuckwheatChiaNon Food – all products are vegan and only tested on humans!
Cranberries (sweetened with apple juice)BulgurLinseed whole (flax)Greenscents washing up liquid
Cranberries (naked)Wholemeal CouscousPoppyGreenscents Floor soap
DatesWhite CouscousPumpkinGreenscents Loo cleaner
FigsMiletSesameGreenscents Laundry liquid
MangoPopping cornSunflowerGreenscents Laundry conditioner
MulberriesQuinoaMixed seedSESI white vinegar
Prunes (pitted)Smoked QuinoaChocolateSESI Rinse aid
RaisinsBrown Basmati riceCacao powderSESI hand soap – Fig
SultanasBrown short grain riceCacao nibsSESI hand soap – Rose
Pulses/Legumes/BeansBrown long grain riceCocoa PowderNaturally Thinking Shine Radiance Shampoo
Adzuki beansWhite BasmatiBakingNaturally Thinking Geranium and Lavender Conditioner
Black beansWhite long grainBaking powderFitPit deo – Sensitive  FitPit man  FitPit woman
Butter beansWild rice mixBicarbonate of sodaUnrefined shea butter bar
ChickpeasWhite gomiti (‘little elbows’ or small macaroni)Raw cane sugarNeem soap bar
Cannellini beansWhite penneSemolinaSoap bars
Haricot beansWhite fusilliWhite plain flourShampoo bars
Kidney beansWhite spaghettiWhite self raising flourMix your own bath salts
Lentils – brownWhite lasagne sheetsWhite flour strongBamboo Toothbrush – Adult and child sizes
Lentils – greenWhole wheat pastasStoneground wholemeal flourHerbs and Spices TBC
Lentil – redPolentaBrown rice flour
Split peas – yellowRed lentil pasta (coming soon)Wholemeal spelt flour
Mung beansBrown rice pasta (coming soon)Hemp powder
Pinto beansGluten free pastaCoconut sugar
CerealsNutsDemerara sugar
Bran sticksAlmonds – flakedTeas
Buckwheat flakesAlmondsEarly morning
Barley flakesBrazilEnglish breakfast
Puffed riceCashewEarl grey – bergamot
CornflakesMixed nuts5 O’Clock tea
Wheat flakesFruit and nut mixRainy day green tea
Muesli basePecanGingerbread seasonal tea
Porridge oatsPine nuts (on order)Rooibos
Rye FlakesPistachioChamomile (Coming Soon)


Gluten Free – lots of goodies from all the sections are gluten free and in their own dedicated section of our shop – we are also having a weekly bread delivery from a gluten free

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